Unpacking Services

Sometimes when you have moved house you don’t want to think about unpacking, or you just don’t have the time. At Aaggrawal Packers & Movers we offer an Unpacking Service to suit your needs, whether that be a full unpack or fragile unpack. Alternatively if you would prefer to unpack yourself then just let us know.
We offer following unpacking services:
Unpacking onto surfaces only
You may not have decided exactly which drawers, cupboards etc you want your items to be unpacked into. So with this service we unpack your items only onto the surfaces. Kitchen items will be unpacked onto kitchen surfaces; china onto the dining room table; bedding and clothing onto beds and so on. We will also remove all empty boxes and debris from your property to leave your home clutter free.
Unpack and put away service
If you are well organised and know exactly where things will be unpacked into, this unpacking service is ideal for you. We will work out in advance where the contents of every box or item will go in your new home and label it precisely. Our team will unpack and ensure that all your items are in their correct places. Again we will remove empty boxes and debris from your home and leave you ready to settle in. This service is extremely personalised and requires your instruction throughout.
Fragile unpacking service
With this option we only unpack your fragile items onto your surfaces.
Self unpacking
You take the responsibility for unpacking all of your items. We will give you six weeks to unpack, in which time you can give us a call to arrange boxes to be collected from your new home. Alternatively you can drop them back to us.